April 2015 – First MiLB Lineup Cards!

We got our first lineup cards of the 2015 season, and first MiLB lineup cards ever, at the Winston-Salem Dash @ Frederick Keys game on April 10.  We had gone to the Met @ Nationals game the day before, a 6-3 Nats loss,  largely to try and get a Nats 10th season commemorative baseball; we got two, including an umpire ball that home plate umpire Tim Timmons gave to Sean after the game.

Nats ball

We headed up the 3rd baseline and I asked Mets bullpen coach Ricky Bones if we could have the Mets’ bullpen lineup card, but he shook his head no.

The next day, Sean and I traveled about an hour north to Frederick, MD for the Dash @ Keys game.  We got five game balls (including one homerun ball), and three t-shirts (two by way of t-shirt toss-ups, and a third that an employee handed out during the game; we gave one away), we each headed to one of the dugouts, and scored both the Dash and Keys’ lineup cards.

Lineup Cards (April 10, 2015)

Aside from a few good prospects, one name of note on the lineup cards is John Ruettiger, nephew of Dan “Rudy” Ruettiger whose life was the subject of the movie “Rudy.”

We went to three more games in April, scoring another three lineup cards in total.

April 2015


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