June 2015 – Major League Dis By Braves’ Eddie Perez

By far the biggest lineup card disappointment during the 2015 season came in late June.  I went to the June 23 Braves @ Nationals game, which was delayed about a couple hours by weather and didn’t end until roughly midnight.  There were hardly any kids there by the end of the game, and few fans in general, so I seized the opportunity to get a Nats 10th anniversary commemorative ball from umpire Sam Holbrook after the game.  I then headed up the 3rd baseline and caught Braves bullpen coach Eddie Perez as he made his way from the bullpen into the dugout.  I asked him for the bullpen lineup card, which he appeared to be carrying in a binder – and it looked like a nice MLB lineup card! – but he said no, he couldn’t give it to me because he needed it, or something like that.  But he then said that If I was at tomorrow night’s game, he would give me that card.  I had already planned to go the next night anyway, so that worked for me.  I thanked him and that was that.

So I went to the Braves @ Nationals game again the next night, and after the game – another Nats victory over the Braves – I caught Perez as he was walking in from the dugout just like the previous night.  I politely asked him for the bullpen lineup card and he ignored me.  I asked again a little louder and mentioned our brief conversation the night before, but he still ignored me.  I’m all but certain he heard me as two players walking near him turned to look at me.  I asked one more time, but Perez never looked my way, eventually disappearing into the dugout.

No player, manager, etc. owes me  anything.  When we get a lineup card, which happened far more than not in 2015, it is great.  But we were turned down several times this season, too, and that’s also fine.  This one just stung because Perez had said he would give me one, then he ignored me.  So it goes.

Other than that, June was another great month lineup card-wise.  Among the highlights were getting an Akron Robber Ducks lineup card, a couple more Senators cards with the neat watermark, our first New York-Penn League lineup card courtesy of the Tri-City Valley Cats, getting lineup cards from the Trenton Thunder and Bowie Baysox, and getting our first summer college baseball league lineup card from the Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL).  The FCBL card is  nice, 11” x 17” and also has a nice watermark.


June 22, 2015 013

June 22, 2015 018


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