September 2015 – Major League Score, ‘x’ 2!

All good things must come to an end, and our first full season of collecting lineup cards would end in September.  But we managed to go out with a bang!

I went to an Ottawa Champions @ Rockland Boulders game on September 1.  I was able to score both lineup cards after the game.  The Champions card was on flimsy paper but had a neat watermark.  It was also our first international (Canada) card, and one of the logos in the top left-hand corner is in French.  It is one of my favorite cards of the season!

Ottawa lineup card (9.1.15)

Kate and I got two official lineup cards and our second relief pitcher card at the penultimate Renegades game of the season against the Aberdeen Iron Birds.

Irobirds-Renegades Sept 6 2015

I hoped to get a Trois Rivieres Aigles lineup card during a Can-Am League playoff game at the Rockland Boulders, but the Aigles use a dry-erase lineup card, the first (and hopefully last!) of those I have seen.  The Aigle manager did give me the two official lineup cards, similar to the Atlantic League official lineup cards, and I also got the Boulder lineup card.  The Aigles would go on to beat the Boulders in the series and eventually won the 2015 Can-Am League title.

I also made it to two MLB games in September: the Marlins @ the Nats, and Rays at the Red Sox.  I was hoping my 2014 luck would repeat itself with the Marlins, and it did!  Marlins bullpen coach Reid Cornelius was nice enough to give me the Marlins @ Nats lineup card after the game.  It’s the same design as the card I got last year.  Some highlights on the card: Dee Gordon, who would win the 2015 NL batting title and finished second overall in the majors, had a pair of hits, as did NL MVP Bryce Harper; Ichiro Suzuki, a sure bet Hall of Famer, didn’t get any hits but did enter the game as a substitute.

Marlins-Nats (Sept 17, 2015)

I also scored the Rays bullpen lineup card after they defeated the Red Sox 5-2 the following week.  Much like the Marlins lineup card, the Rays card on its own is straightforward.  But coach Stan Boroski kept a lot of notes on the card, which I think is awesome.  The variety of notes is extensive, from noting in the upper left hand corner “ECK @ GAME” (meaning that Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley was at the game), to tracking who warmed up the right fielder (bottom-middle of the card).  So what the card may lack in design beauty, it makes up for in personality with all the notes.

Rays-Red Sox Sept 22, 2015

As an added bonus, I caught a virtually brand new “2015 Opening Day” baseball during Red Sox BP.  For whatever reason, the Red Sox drew a blue line through the logo, but the 2015 Opening Day ball and the Rays lineup card were a great way to close out the 2015 season.

2015 Opening Day Baseball

We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into trying to collect lineup cards when the 2015 season started.  It ended up being a blast, getting some neat lineup cards and plenty of memories from the 2015 baseball season!


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