TTM Commissioner-signed ROMLB

Slightly off the lineup card topic, but since things are otherwise slow lineup card-wise, we scored a neat TTM (through the mail) “gift” from new Major League Baseball Commissioner Robert Manfred on Christmas Eve.

I had read a couple of months ago that if you wrote a note to Manfred, that he would mail you a brand new Rawlings Official Major League Baseball (ROMLB) that he signed.  So we sent him a note in late October, and sure enough, we received a package in the mail from MLB on Christmas Eve.

In the package was in fact a brand new ROMLB signed by Manfred!

Manfred (1)

Manfred (2)

While MLB does extremely well for itself financially, it’s still pretty neat that Manfred would send a brand new $20 or so (at least at retail) ROMLB to some baseball fans just for asking, plus another $3 to ship it.  We appreciate Mr. Manfred/MLB’s generosity!



  1. oemtom

    Thanks for checking out the blog and commenting. I take it Selig did the same thing that Manfred is now doing in terms of signing/sending a ROMLB to fans that write him?


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