Top 10 Lineup Cards We Got In 2015

2015 was our the first full season of trying to collect lineup cards.  Sure, it didn’t always work out the way we wanted it to, but the fun far exceeded the disappointments.

Here are our 10 favorite lineup cards from 2015:

10) Tie, Frederic Keys and Winston Salem Dash: We got both cards when the Dash played at the Keys in mid-April.  They were our first-ever MiLB lineup cards and equally awesome.

Lineup Cards (April 10, 2015)


9) Ottawa Champions: Our only international lineup card, and a neat watermark to boot!

Ottawa lineup card (9.1.15)


8) Akron Rubber Ducks: This one would’ve rated much higher if they had a Rubber Duck watermark.



7) Richmond Flying Squirrels: Awesome Eastern League watermark, plus the smaller team logo watermarks!

May 2015 049


6) Vermont Lake Monsters: Neat-looking lineup card.

Lake Monsters


5) Harrisburg Senators: Our first of three Senator lineup cards on the season (along with the Rock Cat lineup card from the same game).

Senators Lineup card


4) Auburn Doubledays: Fished this out of the garbage after the Doubleday manager ignored our request and ripped it into four pieces.  It required some scotch tape-surgery, but came out pretty well, all things considered.  And we got the “relief pitcher usage” card as a bonus.

Auburn DDays (Aug 9, 2015)


3) Miami Marlins (bullpen): Aesthetically weak but a MLB lineup card nonetheless highlighted by names including “Harper,” “Gordon” and “Ichiro.”

Marlins-Nats (Sept 17, 2015)


2) Cape Cod Baseball League All Star Game: We went with the hope of scoring one or more CCBL All Star Game baseballs, which we were fortunate to get as you can see from the picture below.  I never thought we had a realistic chance of scoring a lineup card from the game, but we asked and were pleasantly surprised.  More than likely, one or more of these players will be Major Leaguers at some point down the road.

CCBL ASG lineup card


  1. Tampa Bay Rays (bullpen): The season couldn’t have ended any better than with getting this Rays lineup card from a late September game at the Red  Sox.  Like the Marlins lineup card, this came from the Tampa Bay bullpen, and the design is basic at best.  But the notes bullpen coach Stan Boroski kept, including the Rays’ 72-78 record and keeping score for the Red Sox hitters, makes this a thing of beauty!

Rays-Red Sox Sept 22, 2015


We are already looking forward to having more ‘fun with lineup cards’ in 2016!


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