Lineup Cards from Down Under

I have two new lineup card pics to share, both contributed by Beck in Australia.  Both Lineup cards are from the Australian Baseball League (ABL), which is partially funded by Major League Baseball.  The ABL plays from November into February, and is a “winter league” of sorts for some MiLB players.  For example, Melbourne Aces first baseman Trey Vavra is a minor leaguer in the Twins organization who earned a starting spot in last season’s Class A Midwest League All Star Game before missing the rest of the season due to an injury.

The first is from a game played this past weekend between the Brisbane Bandits and Aces.  It is a photo copy with the players written in.

ABL 2016


The second lineup card is also from an Aces versus Bandits game, but from 2010.  In this case, it is a full-color lineup card rather than a photo-copy.

ABL 2010

Thanks to Beck for contributing the images of both lineup cards.  It is good to know baseball is already being played somewhere in 2016!  As I write this, MLB pitchers and catchers will be reporting in 29 days.




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