1st Lineup Card of 2016

We managed to snag our first lineup card — actually, lineup cards — of 2016 last weekend at the Tulane @ UConn baseball game on Saturday.

The game itself left much to be desired: the two teams combined for seven errors, 11 walks and three wild pitches in a 14-5 Tulane win.  In fairness, the weather was less than ideal: it was not very warm and the game was delayed two-and-a-half hours due to rain.  The outfield in particular was extremely wet.

One of the Tulane coaches was nice enough to hook us up with the Green Wave’s dugout lineup card after the game, our first NCAA lineup card.  The lineup card was nicer than we expected:

Tulane (April 2, 2016)

It’s nice that colleges apparently include the entire roster at the bottom of the pre-printed lineup card.

We headed over to the UConn dugout afterward.  A UConn coach told us that they keep their lineup cards, but gave us the official Tulane batting order card (the yellow sheet below):

Tulane (April 2, 2016) (2)

It was a good way to get the season started!

Lineup Card Stats

2016: 2 lineup cards (1 dugout; 1 “official batting order”)

Lifetime: 65 lineup cards (48 dugout; 15 “official batting order”; and two “relief pitcher usage”)

Leagues: American League; National League; Eastern League; Carolina League; New York-Penn League; Atlantic League; Can-Am League; American Association; NCAA – American Athletic Conference; Cape Cod League; New England Collegiate Baseball League (NECBL); and Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL)


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