Surprise, Surprise

Kate, Sean and I went to a Lancaster Barnstormers @ Bridgeport Bluefish game last year.  We got the Barstormers lineup card, which was pretty blah save for the colored markers used to fill it out.


So I wasn’t planning to go out of my way to see the Barnstormers play at the Bees this week.  We already have three New Britain lineup cards and I assumed Lancaster would use the same lineup card as last year.

I was wrong.

I made it to the last innings of the series finale on Thursday.  As I usually do, I looked from the opposite end of the Barnstormer dugout between innings to catch a glimpse of the lineup card.  I could tell immediately that it was nicer than last year’s version.

I probably would’ve gone for New Britain’s lineup card first otherwise.  The Bees were up 9-1, so they’d likely be in a much more giving mood.  But knowing that Lancaster’s lineup card was better than last year changed my mind and targeted Lancaster’s lineup card.

There tends to be little-to-no competition for lineup cards at school day games, and accordingly, I was able to easily get the Lancaster lineup card.  Here it is temporarily taped to the yellow-and-black concourse wall at New Britain Stadium for the purpose of picture-taking.

Barnstormers (May 26, 2016)

It is MUCH nicer than last year’s card, although I think it looks a little better in the picture than it does in-person.  Yes, it has the watermark which I love on lineup cards.  In-person, you can tell it wasn’t produced on a high quality printer, but it still is the nicest of the Atlantic League lineup cards that I have seen.

I wandered over to the New Britain dugout after that.  There was a swarm of kids trying to get baseballs from the Bees players.  Once they left, I asked for the lineup card that was still on the wall and got that, too.

Bees (May 26, 2016)

Lineup Card Stats

2016: 22 lineup cards (18 dugout/bullpen; 4 “official batting order”)
Lifetime: 85 lineup cards (65 dugout/bullpen; 18 “official batting order”; and 2 “relief pitcher usage”)
Leagues: MLB: American League; National League. MiLB: International League; Eastern League; Carolina League; New York-Penn League. Independent Leagues: Atlantic League; Can-Am League; American Association. Colleges: NCAA – American Athletic Conference; NCAA – Ivy League; NCAA – Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference; NCAA – Northeast Conference; Cape Cod League; New England Collegiate Baseball League (NECBL); Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL)



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