May 2016 Recap

Not surprisingly, May didn’t turn out to be nearly as successful as April.  In large part, that was due to the fact that we only went to five games in May, half as many as we went to in April.  Accordingly, we only got seven lineup cards in May, compared with 15 in April.

The highlights in May were dugout lineup cards from the University of Central Florida and a Lancaster Barnstormers lineup card that was much nicer than the one we got from them last year.


Barnstormers (May 26, 2016)

We also got a lineup card from Central Connecticut State’s baseball team, our first lineup card for that school as well as the Northeast Conference (NEC) in general.

CCSU (May 21, 2016)

We also got two Sugar Land Skeeters cards and two New Britain Bees cards in May.

The only real “miss” in May was Wagner College.  From a distance, Wagner’s dugout lineup card looked pretty cool, but the coach told us he keeps them.

For the season, we have gotten 22 lineup cards, including 18 of the dugout variety.  We now have 85 lifetime lineup cards, including cards from 45 teams ranging from NCAA to MLB.

It’s hard to say what June will bring.  While school will end shortly, Little League baseball will continue to dominate our time and probably will not leave many opportunities to get to games.  But there will be a few and hopefully we will be writing about some successes again shortly.



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