College Lineup Cards: What We learned This Season

This was the first season we tried to get college baseball lineup cards.

The good: We got lineup cards at all six college games we went to.  Three of the lineup cards were sweet:


[Harvard’s dugout lineup card was awesome.  Yale’s was conspicuously blah.]

Tulane (April 2, 2016)

[Tulane’s lineup card, our first college lineup card, was nicer than we expected.]


[One of the UCF coaches went out of his way to hook us up with their lineup card]

The bad: About half of the schools we asked (UConn, Wagner, Manhattan and Quinnipiac) said they keep their dugout lineup cards.  However, all but Wagner gave us one of the official batting order cards.

At all six games we went to, we were the only ones asking for the lineup cards.  We definitely caught some of the coaches off guard.  My guess is that part of this is based on us being in New England, where college baseball is small potatoes compared with other parts of the country.

We’ll plan to keep chasing college baseball lineup cards during the 2017 season!


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