June 2016 Recap

June was a slow month lineup card-wise.  Between Little League, the end of school, the Hartford Yard Goats still playing all their games on the road because their stadium isn’t done, etc., we only got to five games, getting six lineup cards in total.

Frankly, we didn’t get anything overly exciting.

I did score our first lineup cards from the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League. The Bethesda Big Train used an interesting lineup card, albeit an advertisement for a chain or baseball/softball training academies called D-BAT.

Big Train, Aces (6.15.16)

I was hoping to get a lineup card from the Japanese independent league Shikoku Island all star team when it played the New Jersey Jackals, but as best I could tell, the Japanese team did not have a lineup card, at least not a dugout version.

I did get the Jackals lineup card, though.

Jackals, Shikoku (6.16.16)

We scored both lineup cards from a Futures Collegiate Baseball League game between the Wachusett Dirt Dawgs and Bristol Blues.

Bristol Blues (June 22, 2016)

Finally, we scored our second Yard Goats lineup card from a 2-1 Yard Goat victory over the Erie Sea Wolves.

Yard Goats (June 25, 2016) (2)

The Misses: Not getting a lineup card from Shikoku Island was disappointing.  It would’ve been nice to get a card from the Sea Wolves, but I knew manager Lance Parrish didn’t give it away last year, so I wasn’t surprised when he wouldn’t give it away this year, either.

But the biggest disappointment was striking out at a Cubs @ Nationals game at Nationals Park.  It wasn’t for lack of trying as I asked the Cubs bullpen coach, home plate umpire and Nats grounds crew, but none would give it up.  I did, however, score a Cubs commemorative ball, albeit a bit beat up from a bullpen session.

Cubs 100

We’re hoping to get to at least a couple more games in July, so hopefully we’ll fare a little better.


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