Our Favorite Lineup Cards From 2016

We were fortunate to get 59 lineup cards in 2016.  Here are our favorites, in no particular order.

Harvard – Harvard’s lineup card is awesome: big, watermark, Ivy League logo.  I guess when you have an endowment of nearly $36 billion, you can splurge on a nice lineup card.  Apparently, Yale’s nearly $26 billion endowment only allows for a bare bones lineup card.


Orioles – We were able to get this lineup card from the Orioles bullpen following Baltimore’s 9-5 victory over the Red Sox at on April 12 at Fenway Park.  David Ortiz hit his 506th career home run in the game.



Portland Sea Dogs – This was one of Sean’s favorites.  We had tried unsuccessfully to get a Sea Dog lineup card in 2015, but scored one early in the 2016 season at a game in Reading, PA.  It was one of the coldest games I can ever remember attending, with a game time temperature of 35.  It must have dipped below 30 by the time the game ended.

Reading Phils (1)


Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs – Kate’s favorite was the lineup card she and I got from the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.  It’s an “official” MiLB lineup card with an International League watermark as well as a watermark for each of the teams.  This came from game 2 of a double-header after we had struck out after game 1.

bacon 4


WBC Qualifier, Brasil vs. Pakistan – This was my favorite from 2016.  To get a lineup card from an international game, from a tournament that only happens once every four years, was neat.  Making it cooler is the fact that they wouldn’t give the lineup card away at the game itself, so I had to write to MLB to get it.  I was very fortunate that I was able to connect with the right person at MLB, and that he sent me the card.

WBC Lineup card


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