May 2017 Recap

Considering we only made it to five games in May, we did very well to get eight lineup cards.

The highlight was the lineup card from the Boston Red Sox bullpen in a May 27 shutout victory over the Seattle Mariners.

Red Sox


In the four previous games at Fenway in which we had tried for a lineup card, we had always tried the visitors bullpen. The only reason we tried the Boston bullpen in this case was because Mariner bullpen coach Mike Hampton had told me before the game that he keeps his bullpen lineup card.

We also got this interesting “Today’s Lineup” card at the same game.

Ms - Red Sox (2) May 27, 2017


I was happy to add this Long Island Ducks lineup card with 2003 Cy Young Award winner Eric Gagne on it.



The biggest misses of the month? It would have been nice to get Seattle’s bullpen lineup card, but we probably would not have gotten Boston’s in that case, so it’s hard to get upset over that.  We had hoped to score a Mariners’ 40th anniversary ball during that game, but never saw any.


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