7/10/17 – Pre-All Star Game Ball

Sean and I headed over to watch a few innings of our local Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL) team, the Bristol Blues, play last night. It’s the first game Sean has been able to manage since his concussion in December, even if it was only for a few innings. That alone was a big deal.

The Blues are hosting next week’s FCBL ASG.

FCBL ASG banner

We plan to go as they will be using special ASG baseballs for the second straight year.

As it turns out, we don’t need to go in order to get a 2017 FCBL ASG baseball because they were using them during last night’s regular season game.

Why would they be using them before the ASG?  If I had to guess, they must have bought extras and probably have been using them for a while, because I’m pretty sure I saw a couple in the Bristol bullpen.


Whatever the reason, it was awesome to get one last night, although I am sure we will still go to the FCBL ASG.


We didn’t stay for long as I didn’t want to push my luck with Sean.

Here’s a look at last year’s and this year’s FCBL ASG balls.

FCBL 2016 and 2017 ASB balls

I like this year’s logo better than last year’s, but overall, I’d give the slight edge to last year’s ball just because of the blue-green laces.  You just don’t see balls with blue-green laces.





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