9/17/17 Farewell, Bridgeport Bluefish and the Ballpark at Harbor Yard

The Bridgeport Bluefish played their last ever game on Sunday, September 17th, 2017.

Based on what I’ve read, the Bluefish got kicked to the curb by the city of Bridgeport.  It’s sad, but not that surprising as the Bluefish were not drawing well.

But losing a team is one thing; losing a stadium is another.  Bridgeport has decided to transform the Ballpark at Harbor Yard into an amphitheater, at a cost of about $15 million.  I’m not a concert-goer, but I find it hard to believe people want to go to outdoor concerts in Bridgeport where Harbor Yard is located.  Here is some of what you are looking at/breathing:





In the picture above, the building beyond the left field wall is the Webster Bank Arena, which seats 9,000 and goes largely unused by mid spring and through the summer.  It would seem to be a great place for concerts, and wouldn’t require a $15 million makeover, but what do I know.

I guess the city of Bridgeport and/or the Bluefish stopped caring about the field (see picture above).  It was a disgrace that professional players at any level would have to play on a field in such poor condition.

The game itself was lackluster.  The visiting Somerset Patriots took it to the Bluefish early and often, coasting to a 9-2 win.

We got one final Atlantic League 20th ball that Sean took a picture of.



After the game, Sean was going after a Bluefish hat, while I went for a lineup card.

I decided to try for Somerset, thinking it would be unlikely to get anything from Bridgeport in their last game.  I knew Somerset manager Brett Jodie would not give me his dugout card, but he had given us the official batting order cards in the past.

I think it was the right game plan, but it didn’t work.  Jodie said he gave the batting order cards to one of his players, so that was that.

Meanwhile, Sean first tried to get a hat from someone in the Bridgeport bullpen.  The problem was, there was only one player left by the end of the game, and he said no.

So we both headed to the Bridgeport dugout, but still had no luck.

I told Sean to be patient, that the players would almost certainly come out again.  And they eventually did, lining up in a concourse area to meet fans and sign autographs.

Sean asked a few players on their way to the concourse without luck before finally some luck with outfielder Daniel Fields, who had played one MLB game with the Tigers two years ago.  Fields told Sean to hang out and he would hook him up.

So Sean (and I) waited, but there were a lot of people waiting to meet the players.  Sean finally went back to ask Fields again, and this time, Fields gave him his hat!



It was the 5th hat we have gotten from a Minor League player.  The previous hats were two New Hampshire Fisher Cats’ hats, one Connecticut Tigers and one New Britain Bees.

CT Tigers 2 (Sept 5, 2016)

Three of the other hats we have been given

A special thanks to Fields, who certainly did not need to give his hat to Sean.

Farewell, Bridgeport Bluefish and the Ballpark at Harbor Yard!


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