September Recap

The highs were high and the lows low in September.

I’ll start with the highs:

  • We found an Arizona League ball behind New Britain Stadium.  It was the only current MiLB ball we were missing from our collection.  It is not in great shape, but very cool that we found it after trying to trade for one for the last couple years.



  • We got our first Connecticut Tigers’ dugout lineup card.
  • We got a Sugar Land Skeeters lineup card.  We had gotten two a couple years ago, but it was still nice to get another.
  • Sean and I went to the last-ever Bridgeport Bluefish game at the Ballpark at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport.  We didn’t get a lineup card, but we got our final Atlantic League 20th Anniversary ball, and Sean got a game-used hat from Bridgeport’s Daniel Fields.



  • I went to the Triple-A National Championship game.  Again, no lineup card, but more important, I got a National Championship baseball, and a first: a cork from a celebratory bottle of champagne after the Durham Bulls won the title.




On the lower side of things:

  • I was shut out for the first time this season at a Rays @ Orioles game on September 21.  I was hoping to get a better OACY 25th commemorative to replace the one I got earlier this season with a big scuff on the logo.  But it didn’t happen, nor was I able to get a lineup card.



  • As mentioned above, we failed to get lineup cards at the last-ever Bridgeport Bluefish game or the Triple-A National Championship game.  I knew going in that those of those would be tough, and I was right.
  • I had tickets for Sean and me to go to the penultimate Red Sox game of the regular season, but we had to back out due to a medical emergency (thankfully, everything worked out OK in the end).

As I write this, I am holding out hope of possibly going to one Red Sox playoff game in October.  Otherwise, aside from watching my nephew play some a couple of Junior College fall scrimmage games, our season is done.


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