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Our 10 Favorite Lineup Cards from 2017

While we were extremely fortunate to get 36 lineup cards in 2017, it paled in comparison to the 59 and 62 we got in 2016 and 2015, respectively.

Still, in terms of quality, a few of the cards we got in 2017 are as good as any we’ve gotten.

Our Top 10 lineup cards from 2017:

#10 Cape Cod League All Star Game — It was tough to keep it to 10.  There was the Long Island Ducks’ card that included 2003 Cy Young Award winner Eric Gagne from his very short comeback attempt; the “Game Day” card we got at the Mariners-Red Sox game; and our first Aberdeen Ironbirds’ dugout lineup card.  But in the 10th spot, I am going with the 2017 Cape Cod League All Star Game.

It’s the second Cape League ASG we’ve gone to, and we have been lucky to get lineup cards both times.  This year’s was the same design as the 2015 card we have but still neat. It is almost a certainty that one or more players in the 2017 game will eventually become an MLB star.

Cape 1


#9 Baltimore Orioles — This one would probably be higher if we didn’t already have two other O’s bullpen lineup cards from games at Fenway in 2016.  That said, it’s still awesome to walk out of Fenway with a prize like this regardless of how many you already have.

Os Red Sox (4.12.17)


#8 Quinnipiac University @ University of Hartford, Dunkin’ Donuts Park (Hartford) — So, how did a couple of unimpressive looking, low-level D1 college official batting order cards get on here?  It just so happens that Quinnipiac and U of Hartford played the first-ever game at Dunkin’ Donuts Park.  It was a soft opening for the MiLB Hartford Yard Goat game two nights later.  A couple pieces of history for sure!

DDP 10


#7 New York Penn League All Star Game —

My goal at the 2017 NYPL ASG was to snag an ASG ball.  The problem was, for whatever reason, they didn’t use one.  Major bummer.  But when you get dealt lemons, make lemonade, right?  So I turned my focus to trying to get a lineup card.  Long story short, I got one.  It’s curious in the sense that it’s got the Midwestern League’s Peoria Chiefs logo on it.  But it is the first lineup card we have gotten from a professional ASG, and a great score.



#6 Florence Freedom — Our first Frontier League lineup card, and a neat one at that given the “Daily Team Worksheet” on the back of it.

trip 4

trip 3


#5 Tacoma Rainiers — Another first: not only the Rainiers, but the Pacific Coast League.  It’s a sweet card with the PCL and team logo watermarks.  It was also an adventure to get it: up early to get a plane, a few hours’ work, an 1:15 drive to the game, and a fairly lengthy rain delay.  But well worth it after the fact.



#4 Red Sox — Our first Red Sox lineup card!  It would not be our last of 2017…

Red Sox


#3 Mets @ Nationals, September  30, 2009 — We were given this, our first MLB dugout lineup card, by someone from one of the teams.  The only thing keeping this from being #1 is that we unfortunately did not get it at the game ourselves.

MLB dugout lineup card framed


#2 Nationals — Our first trip to Great American Ballpark, and we came away with the bullpen lineup card from my favorite team, the Nationals, our first from them.

trip 5


#1 ALDS Game 3, Houston Astros @ Boston Red Sox — Our first-ever playoff game.  We only decided to go about 24 hours before the game thanks to finding a good deal on tickets.  Getting Boston’s bullpen lineup card after the game capped a great game and season!









October Recap

This is the first time I’ve written an “October recap” which is good news because it means we saw some baseball in October, which isn’t normally the case for us here in New England.

The first game was my nephew’s game against an NCAA Division 3 team that I went to by myself.  I was happy to find one of these.



The last two games were with Sean.  We went to an ALDS playoff game, Game 3, between the Astros and Red Sox.  It was our first-ever playoff game, and walking away with this beaut from the Red Sox bullpen after the game (unframed, of course!) capped an awesome day.



Our final game was another one of my nephew’s fall scrimmages, where we found a couple of these.



To make the end of our baseball season just a little bit better, we were sent this MLB dugout card from a 2009 Mets-Nationals game.

MLB dugout lineup card framed


When does 2018 Spring Training start?!?



World Baseball Classic Lineup Card Collection

September 20, 2016 – World Baseball Classic qualifier, Pakistan Vs. Brasil @ MCU Park in Brooklyn, NY (Tom)


WBC officials were keeping the dugout lineup cards, so I was very fortunate to get Pakistan’s batting order card from one of the Pakistani coaches.

I decided to ask MLB, which runs the WBC, for the dugout lineup card.  About two weeks later, this came in the mail.

WBC Lineup card

It’s an awesome card for many reasons, including the fact that it is signed by Brasil manager and MLB Hall of Famer Barry Larkin.



Can-Am League (Independent) Lineup Card Collection

(more to come)


July 2, 2016 – Sussex Miners @ Rockland Boulders

boulders (7.27.16)


September 1, 2015 – Ottawa Champions @ Rockland Boulders (Tom)

Ottawa lineup card (9.1.15)



July 16, 2015 – Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks @ Sussex Miners (Tom & Sean)


Fargo-Moorhead plays in the American Association.  The two leagues played games against one another in 2015.